Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wine Men of Gotham - Shiraz/Grenache

Price: $8.99
Region: South Australia
Year: 2008

Was a little bit of a late day at work today, so decided to stop on my way home and grab a bottle of wine. I knew there was just some pizza waiting for me, so I wasn't planning on breaking the bank. I do have a couple of other wine to write up, but since I am sitting down at the computer with a glass of wine, it seems more appropriate to review this wine tonight. I didn't spend much time browsing around the store as it was already late. I actually was looking for a Zinfandel, but ended up wandering over into the Shiraz aisle. I try to avoid the wines with the little signs in front of them with a particular rating, but this wine just caught my eye. It was a Shiraz/Grenache blend from South Australia for only $9, with an interesting name. I guess sometimes that's half the battle. My wife has been spoiling me lately with 15 - 20 dollar bottles of wine, but it was time I tried to find another gem under $10.

I poured myself a glass and sat down with my ham and pineapple pizza. The wine had a definite red hue about it, but was just a bit faint. Nothing dire for sure, but something I did notice. The wine had a very earthy smell to it, with a touch of black licorice. I know some people love that smell and even taste, but I am not once of them. Black licorice to me is not something I want in my wine, but obviously that just a personal preference. As I took a sip (and as I take a sip now), it doesn't have much upfront taste, but kind of goes right to the back of the tongue. It is a touch tart and not quite as smooth of some other Australian wines in this price range. Nothing really stands out about this wine. it really isn't bad, but I have tasted a lot of Australian Shiraz at around this price point that I would go back to before this one.

Rating: 2.25 corks (Next)