Saturday, September 27, 2008

Louis Bernard - Cotes-du-Rhone Villages

Price: $10.99
Region: France
Year: 2004

So far I have attempted to pick a wine each week that I have little or no knowledge on. I was also staying away from wines I knew received lots of praise and positive reviews. I just thought this would more likely then not influence my reviews. This week however, I decided to pick up a wine I knew received lots of awards, and also showed up on the Wine Spectator Top 100 list a couple of years back. I also thought I couldn't go wrong with a wine that only costs $10.99, yet had so much positive feedback.

Being that I'm not always up on the regions in France, and which type of grapes make up certain wines, the first thing I did was check out the bottle. This particular wine was a blend of 70% Grenache, and 30% Syrah. Now, if you've read these reviews each week, you probably know by now I always love a good Syrah, but have never gone out of my way to pick up a wine that was primarily Grenache. That being said, I poured a glass to have with dinner. The color of the wine was very dark, almost ruby red. In addition, the wine had a wonderful smell. It wasn't overly distinctive, but definitely pleasant. I love the smell of a good wine, and this was definitely worth taking a second sniff. So, when I took my first taste, I was not very surprised to find how much I enjoyed this wine. It was extremely well balanced, for the initial taste, through the very smooth finish. The taste hung around just long enough to invite another taste. I must say I was very impressed with this wine. I was a little hesitant that all of the things I read about this wine would set my expectations too high, but I must say it met them all. If your just looking for a good bottle of wine tonight, this one definitely fits the bill.

Rating: 4.5 corks - (This one is going to be hard to beat)

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